Guruvayur wedding and events are a center of pilgrim destination weddings in Kerala. Guruvayur Temple wedding is normally highly recommended the devotees by the part of prayers to Guruvayur Lord Krishna, it’s a dedication and they get blessing for the future of the couples. Guruvayur marriage is take place in the mandapam only few minutes but the bride and groom getting immense blessings from the God.

we are doing our hospitality service since last one decade to customers coming from different part of the country and residing in Guruvayur. We provide end to end service of wedding events in Guruvayur, we are leaders in event management category.

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guruvayur stage decorations

The entire venue that we create for you will surely match with your dreams, as we work hand in glove with you as a team and take into consideration your opinion and ideas with utmost care and patience. We have the best pop-out colourful creative and balloon arches which are unique in itself and enhances the ambience of the venue. We can provide various types of garland bouquets & Car decorations

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Guruvayur Wedding Planners

We caters to typical Kerala vegetarian sadhya and other delicious recipe. The Paalada pradhaman (paayasam) made by us, gives you a mouth watering experience, It also provides full marriage / function package offer which enables you to walk into the Mandapam, go about your business and stride out smiling, without experiencing the tiniest of hassles a wedding or reception normally involves.

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Event Management companies in Guruvayur

Once the marriage is over at Guruvayur Temple, marriage should be registered in Guruvayur Municipality with relevant documents. Marriage Certificate will be issued same day by Guruvayur Municipality after verification of all the documents. Marriage Registration formality changes time to time, if you have more quires you can directly contact Guruvayur Municipality Registration Office.

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guruvayur wedding photography

We specialises wedding photography and videography across a broad spectrum. We provides a full line of Candid Wedding Photography, Cinematic Wedding Videography. Our industry trained top wedding photographers provide a wealth of both technical and creative industry knowledge to ensure your project is both cutting edge and eye catching.

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beautician Guruvayur

Our packages give instant results and rich look for a longer time. Also, the bridal packages offered makes the bride look gorgeous and centre of attraction in the ceremony. We provide variety of bridal packages Bridal Makeup Artist as they are getting someone ready for the most important day of their lives.

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rooms in guruvayur

One of the biggest challenges in Guruvayur, when you go for wedding or darshan is to have proper accommodation. As you know, some of accommodation facilities are owned by Devaswom in Guruvayur Most of the times, people try to go through the route of relatives, knowing someone at an office to get the rooms in Guruvayur. We have used it in the past and works like a charm, the only thing you need to do is planning at ahead of time. You can book rooms through a single phone call away, Dial: 9656490248 or 04872554471

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Guruvayur marriage pooja settings

Wedding is referred to as ‘Vivah’ in Sanskrit. Weddings are a very essential part of our Indian Culture. It not only brings two people together, it is a celebration in itself; and by far one of the biggest celebrations of one’s life. People take months and sometimes years to plan a wedding. The precision and perfection are the two biggest aims. But many are opting for low-key affairs or even plain simple registered marriages. But nothing can take away the charm of a Vedic wedding. It is a special moment in a person’s life, which is made more special by the Vedic rituals and ambience.

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Guruvayur Marriage Halls

We all know what a time consuming to search and book a wedding hall in Guruvayur, whether it is an engagement, Guruvayur wedding, reception, get together, official and social Guruvayur events. We are focused to make Guruvayurvenue bookings faster and easy for the consumer. We have direct access to most of the important Guruvayur Marriange Halls counting over 100, which includes over 50 hotels and counting. The first list of venues are offered in a matter of 60 minutes after your needs are clarified with us. We have an elaborate automated system to pick and choose venues that cater to the user's needs, the most important of which is the price..

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cultural events in guruvayur

A wedding is incomplete without music, fun and entertainment. It provides fun and enjoyment. We provide you with the best of services in entertainment to create a memorable experience. We make your special day more memorable with Live music, Dance shows, DJ, Fireworks, Puppet shows, Acrobat, Laser show, Sound and light shows, Entertainers, Fusion, singari melam, Live bands as per your preference. We assist you with negotiation and getting the best deal.

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